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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in using your services--what's the next step?
Please send me an e-mail and we’ll set everything up! In your e-mail, please include the following information (as available):

  • Number of invitations (please be certain this is the number of invitations—not the number of individual guests)
  • Your selected writing style
  • Date on which you’d like to mail out your invitations
  • Your wedding/event date
  • Type of envelopes (inner & outer – or outer only).

I will respond promptly to your e-mail! I will let you know my availability and my turn-around time for your job. All jobs are shipped. I offer return shipping via UPS Ground for a discounted flat rate of $10. Packages arrive next day within NC, SC & VA; two days to NYC area.

How long do you take to complete a job?
Once I begin a job, I generally require 2 days per 100 invitations. The amount of time I require before I can begin a new job depends upon the workload I have on my schedule – so please contact me with the requested information (see above) and I will respond quickly.
Do your prices include writing the return address on the back flap?
My prices for outer envelopes do not include the return address. I recommend that return addresses be printed by your stationer – so that the hand-addressing on the front of your envelopes really “pops” and makes a statement. That said, I am happy to give you a price for writing your return address by hand!
Are inner envelopes the same thing as RSVP envelopes?
Inner envelopes are different from RSVP envelopes. Inner envelopes are envelopes which fit snugly inside the outer envelopes; inner envelopes do not have sealant. They are usually included with more formal invitations, but not always. About 60% of my clients do not have inner envelopes. For more detailed information about inner envelopes, please click on the link on my “Etiquette Counts” page.
Do you offer color ink or metallic ink?
Calligraphy, Mixed Script and Waverly are available only in black ink. All remaining writing styles can be done in most any color ink at no additional charge. For metallic (gold, silver, copper, etc.) and opaque inks (such as white), I require 15% extra envelopes.
Do you require a deposit?
Payment is generally due after services are completed (by cash, check or PayPal).
What about "extra envelopes"?
Extra envelopes are very important! Please provide approximately 10%-15% extra envelopes.
What format is best for my address list?
Address lists should be typed in label format (one or two columns per page is ideal). Please do not submit your list in spreadsheet format. It is very difficult to gauge the best placement of an address on an envelope when it is presented horizontally across a spreadsheet. However, if your guest list is in a spreadsheet – do not fear! Depending upon your software, the address data in most spreadsheets can be printed out in label format via the “mail merge” program. If you’re not sure if your address list is in an acceptable format, please email me and I’ll be happy to take a look. And don’t forget to proofread your list carefully!