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My guidebook contains all the rules you’ll need to know to compile your printed guest list correctly, including how to list doctors married to each other, unmarried professional women (“Miss” or “Ms.”?) and your fiancé’s 42-year-old cousin who still lives with his folks.

Let’s face it: Times have changed. Some etiquette rules are rigid and outdated. My guidebook will help you to be fully informed on proper addressing etiquette. Once you know the rules, you can decide which ones you want to follow and which ones to toss.

If you do a little research (especially on the internet), you’re bound to come across an abundance of information and misinformation on the proper way to address your wedding invitations. I have found that many of the rules included on these wedding etiquette websites contradict one another and are not comprehensive, leaving one with more questions than answers.

The rules included in my guidebook are based on over 20 years of experience in invitation addressing services. This is all I do, and I know how to do it properly. Not all professional calligraphers are experts in addressing etiquette, but I am. My guidebook can help you prepare a flawlessly compiled address list.